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‘Wok your way’ and ‘Pan your day’

For the one who wanna be a GODDD chef in your own kitchen, here are some tips to help with:

Non Stick Wok
Tactical tricks on cooking is leading us to be an expert as a chef at home – A MOTHER (Father actually can be a GOOD chef). The reason why Non-stick wok is able to give you this confidence that it has coatings developed over the years to withstand the higher temperatures needed for stir-frying. They still don’t sear the food in quite the same way as carbon steel, but they do quite a good WORK and are certainly easier to clean and maintain.

6 layers with Non-Toxic Hard Titanium Diamond
Non-toxic layers should be a MUST for families to remain healthy as we probably are using the toxic one that we even don’t realize, therefore, ShopinBear now tells you to be careful with choosing Wok & Pan. So what is Diamond Coatings? That is valuable material to be used for, like making a Wok or Pan, because Diamond is a harmless natural substance. With the use of advanced Nano technology, this gives the pan an excellent coating that prevents scratches and corrosions. Makes food not stick to it and gives it good washing capacity. If a wok or pan is made by the above diamond with 6 specific layers consisting of Anti-corrosion properties, Titanium coated layer, Scratch resistant surface, High strength coated layer, Non-stick surface and Diamond coated layer, this should be a gorgeous Wok or Pan in your own kitchen.

6 Titanium Diamond Interior Coatings
These sets are the ones that contain the above description of:


These two sets of products are made by 6 Titanium Diamond Interior Coatings that are a state of the art coating where nano-sized artificial diamond and titanium are added to each coating layer to maximize robustness against corrosion and coating hardness. It is easy to clean and wash. Titanium diamond coating is safe without emitting harmful fume at high temperature. 

OMG! What a Diamond value!!
If you want to be healthy for your family by cooking some good plates, this should be a choice to make a better feast in your own life because…

‘What you have chosen is What you have gained’


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